MFA Program Summary

USF's MFA is a 60 credit-hour, three year program requiring a full-time engagement. Although there are structured course requirements, students are also expected to attend lectures, visiting artists' presentations, exhibitions and other non-course related activities. Students are also encouraged to seek out opportunities for collaboration and study.

First Three Semesters:

  • Directed study with Faculty of your choice – any medium or discipline
  • “Graduate Seminar” courses – critiques and discussion/debate of critical theory and contemporary issues (first and third semesters)
  • First Year Students' Faculty Review (Fall and Spring)
  • Required “Critical Perspectives in Contemporary Art” course (second semester) 
  • Art History course of your choice
  • Second Year Students Faculty Review (third semester)

MFA Project Proposal – Fourth Semester:

  • Each Fourth Semester, MFA Students present selected recent artworks and a written proposal for an MFA Project, indicating focus and direction. Upon Faculty acceptance of the Proposal, the Student selects a three-person Supervisory Committee, with whom the Student will work in their final year.
  • Students may also continue to work independently with other Faculty as well as enroll in electives outside of studio and the School.

MFA Exhibition, Supporting Document and Oral Examination:

  • The MFA concludes with an MFA Exhibitiion in the Contemporary Art Museum. The Student presents their artworks in the Museum, completes a related intensive written supporting document and attends an “orals” examination at the exhibition site during which the Student is questioned about the artworks by the Supervisory Committee and a panel of at least  three other Faculty selected by the Student.