Art History Faculty

Core Faculty

Esra Akin-Kivanç, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University)
Assistant Professor, Islamic art and architecture; Muslim visual and material culture; Islamic art historiography, Islamic theories of aesthetics and visual perception.

Elisabeth Fraser, Ph.D. (Yale University)
Professor, 18th- and 19th-century art in Europe and the Ottoman Empire; cultural contact and exchange; art and gender; Mediterranean studies; colonialism and the history of collecting

Riccardo Marchi, Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
Associate Professor, Stuart S. Golding Endowed Chair, 20th-century art, criticism, and historiography in Western Europe and in the US

Allison Moore, Ph.D. (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
Assistant Professor, African photography and contemporary art; Contemporary art and critical theory; history of photography

Helena Szepe, Ph.D. (Cornell University)
Associate Professor, Late medieval and Renaissance art in Europe; history of manuscripts, prints, and books; word and image studies; Venice

Affiliated Faculty

Giovanna Benadusi, Ph.D. (Syracuse University) Professor
Renaissance Italy; Early modern Europe; women and gender; legal and social culture; processes of state building Department of History, University of South Florida, Tampa.

Sheramy Bundrick, Ph.D. (Emory University)
Associate Professor of art history, Greek and Roman art
Department of History & Politics, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Mary C. Fournier, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Italian Renaissance art

Jennifer Hardin, Ph.D. (Princeton University)
Hazel and William Hough Chief Curator, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

Pamela Merrill Brekka, Ph.D. (University of Florida)
Northern Renaissance and Baroque art and cartography