Outstanding MFA programs provide a high quality selection of visiting lecturers and artists-in-residence for students – and USF is no exception.

With the combined resources of the School, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the renowned Graphicstudio, we offer one of the most complete, diverse, and ambitious Visiting Artists and Scholars Series in the US.

Plus, our guests don’t just deliver a lecture and jump on a plane and head out of town.  They engage in private studio visits, attend seminars, deliver demonstrations, and often hold Friday morning discussions and debates with our graduate students.

During recent years, our MFA students have had the good fortune to engage the following – and many more:

Ackroyd and Harvey
Diana Al-Hadid
Basma Al Sharif
Jenny Anger
The Art Guys
Shimon Attie
Gina Beavers
Benjamin Bellas
Zoe Beloff
Michael Berryhill
Inigo Cabo
Jim Campbell
James Casebere
Mel Chin
Robert Colescott
Leslie Dill
Mark Dion
Jenny Dubnau
Keith Edmier
Hasan Elahi
James Elkins
Nicole Eisenman
Okwui Enwezor
Franklin Evans
Benjamin Fain
French & Mottershead
Kenneth Fountain
Hal Foster
Suzi Gablik
Kendall Geers
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Adam Gopnik
Rashawn Griffin
Angelina Gualdoni
Irena Haiduk
Gordon Hall
Zachary Harris
Julie Heffernan
Dave Hickey
Alfredo Jaar
Roxanne Jackson
Roy Kaplan
Komar & Melamid
Barbara Kruger
Donald Kuspit
Miwon Kwon
Alix Lambert
Shaun Leonardo
Lucy Lippard
Los Carpinteros
Tala Madani
Christian Marclay
Aspen Mays
Rania Matar
Park McArthur
Shana Moulton
Vik Muniz
Gina Osterloh
Clifford Owens
Tim Roda
Amanda Ross-Ho
Jose Ruiz
Ed Ruscha
Jerry Saltz
Alison Saar
Jovi Schnell
Dana Schutz
Berni Searle
Jessica Segall
Lorna Simpson
Sanaz Sohrabi
Alec Soth
Jered Sprecher
DJ Spooky
Robert Storr
Renee Stout
Stephanie Syjuco
Tony Tasset
Janaina Tschape
Fatimah Tuggar
Richard Tuttle
Joep van Lieshout
Sergio Vega
Hamza Walker
Cullen Washington Jr.
John Waters
William Wegman 
Julie Weitz
Elizabeth Wells
Hyewon Yi